How to become a member

Our members come from academic and activist backgrounds. It is possible to join the network on an individual or organisational basis. As a new organisation, our membership is expanding and set to increase in the coming years. We currently have more than 20 members, mainly from the European Union and the United States. Together, we create campaign materials and policy briefs that aim to inform about current issues around trade agreements and public health. We are developing into a respected think tank for better trade policies.

How to apply

We accept membership applications from any public health worker or advcocate with an interest in improving trade policies and trade experts and advocates with an interest in health. We aim to become a truly global network with members from around the world. We are especially happy about new members from the Global South.

We recognize the different organisational and individual income constraints, as well as regional disparities. That is why we have a sliding fee scale that you can see in the table below. It should be stressed that the overriding principle is that membership fees should not pose a barrier to participation. The precise fees for each member will be negotiated on a case by case basis and approved by the Board.

If you want to become a member or have any questions regarding the membership application process and fees, please contact our Vice President Hani Serag (

Membership fee scale

A: Low Income Countries B: Middle Income Countries C: High Income Countries
Organisations Individuals Organisations Individuals Organisations Individuals
€ 50 Voluntary Donation € 150 – 350 € 40 + Voluntary Donation € 200 – 750 € 50 + Voluntary Donation