Our Board

The board members of the Health and Trade Network are responsible for the strategic coordination of the organisation and providing technical support in the areas of Health and Trade.
If you want to send an email to one of the board members, please use [lastname]@healthytrade.org.

Robert Pezzolesi, President

Robert (Bob) Pezzolesi is the founding director of the New York Alcohol Policy Alliance (NYAPA), a grassroots, statewide coalition devoted to the promotion of science-based, public health alcohol policies. NYAPA policy priorities include reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising and raising awareness about the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.

Hani Serag, Vice President

Hani Serag is a health systems research felllow at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Centre to Eliminate Health Disparities, with an extensive background in mobilisation for better health within the framework of the People’s Health Movement where he held coordinating roles from 2006 to 2015.



Meri Koivusalo, Treasurer

Meri Koivusalo is a senior researcher in National Institute for Health and Welfare. She has written on and followed health and trade-related issues for a longer time she would like to admit.  Meri has an academic background in medicine and health policy. She has published on commercialisation of health care as well as on common interests in trade and pharmaceutical policies, health in all policies, environmental health and European policies and health.


Gary Fooks, Board Member

Gary Fooks is co-director of the Centre for Critical Inquiry into Society and Culture and senior lecturer in sociology and public policy at Aston University. He has published widely on health policy, corporate political influence, and business regulation.

Laura Graen, Board Member

Laura Graen is co-founder and policy advisor at Unfairtobacco. Additionally, as a freelance consultant, she supports non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations with research and advocacy. Her focus is on tobacco industry misconduct, trade and investment agreements, human rights violations and tobacco farming.